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Burleigh Heads Travel Advice

Once you have decided to visit Burleigh, Australia you have probably made a list of things to do and organise and apart from checking airfares and accommodation getting a visa should be top priority.

Visa Advice & Immigration

To obtaining a visa to enter Australia you must be able to show that you are coming as a tourist for recreation or to visit family members already here. And there are other criteria which must be met as well such as: Are you healthy, how long you want to stay, do you have enough money for your stay and return trip, etc. Enquire about obtaining a visa well in advance.

Medical Advice

Should you need to bring medicines into the country you will need to check regulations and make arrangements for ongoing access. Should you need to fill a script while you are here it will need to be written out by an Australian doctor. Taking out health insurance to cover you and your family whilst you are here is advisable or making sure you have enough money to cover a medical emergency which can be quite expensive if not covered.

What to Pack

What to pack will depend on the time of year you plan to visit but fortunately the climate in Burleigh is wonderful most of the year. During summer you will only need light cotton type casual clothing, such as shorts, T shirts, swimmers and something for going out in. Thongs (flip flogs, gandals), sandals and runners will be the best footwear for you. During winter jeans, T shirts, a jacket, light jumper is fine. All toiletries are available in Burleigh as are sun hats, sunglasses and rashies which are invaluable as a means of sun protection on the beach.

Shopping & Currency

Shopping is easy with most stores accepting major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. You can change currency at the airport or at several currency exchange venues on the Gold Coast.


Australia works on a 240v electrical standard and we use a 3 flat pin plug system so it is wise to check any appliances before using them here. Adaptors can be purchased for those using round pins and many motels and resorts have hair dryers etc available or these can be purchased quite cheaply at the local shopping centre.